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We can assist with all daily living skills to enable you to become more independent. We can help with nutrition, meal planning and cooking. Laundry, ironing and bedmaking. we encourage our clients to maintain good hygiene and clean their homes regularly. 

We can also help with gardening and other household tasks as well as shopping, medication ordering and prompting.

We can help you make appointments and get you to them. This can be any kind of appointment, whether it be a doctors/hospital appointment, a review with a professional service or acupuncture. We will attend these appointments with and help you through the process.

Your medical, psychological and well-being needs are important to us. 

We encourage our clients to be as social as possible and get involved in the community. We can support you to go out and do the things you enjoy. We can support clients to go on day trips, weekends away and longer holidays. 

We have social evenings every other Wednesday, this usually involves meals out, bowling, cinema or any other activity our clients want to do.  

We have had great success working with those with Hoarding Disorder. We will help de-clutter homes to make them safe for you and your family. We understand how difficult this can be our team try to make the process as stress free as possible to try to reduce anxiety in our clients. 

We can help set up storage facilities to store items, this allows to free up space in your home and be able to sort through belongings at your own pace.  

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